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Welcome to Right Drive Driving School in DOCKLANDS

If you´re ready to start learning to driving lessons in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs and want to have the best chance of passing your driving test on the 1ST attempt, then we are the driving school for you!

Everyone learns at a different pace and will require different training techniques in order to get the most from their driving lessons in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs

Driving School in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs We tailor fit your driving lessons to best suit you ensuring you get the absolute most from every single driving lesson. This ultimately results in fewer lessons required and saves you money.

It can be very hard to chose a driving school in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs these days as there´s so many! At the Right drive Driving School we have Male and Female instructors and we only use (DVSA) (ADI´S) Which means all our driving instructor´s are fully qualified and display a green badge.

We have a no-nonsense approach to driver training and a no-nonsense price list to match!

While always professional, your driving lessons will be fun and conducted in a calm and patient manner and we will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable, which puts even the most nervous pupils at ease very quickly.

why choose Right Drive Driving School In Docklands

You get the complete package

We organize your driving lessons docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs, theory and practical tests to suit your lifestyle, whilst offering the best prices in the docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs area. From your provisional licence.

You receive personalized lesson plans and a progress report

What works for somebody else may not necessarily work for you. You might be brilliant with the theory behind driving but require a bit of extra time.

We are local

When you have a question or need further assistance, the friendly staff at the Edinburgh Driving School will know who you are, your instructor, and your progress through the course. We are here for you!

Free door to door pick up and drop off

Why stress about rushing across town to find your driving school? Allow us to come to you and enjoy the benefits of learning to drive in your local area.

All of our driving instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified

Nervous learner drivers welcome!

Even if you're a bit nervous, we're sure you'll love your personalized lesson plans when you begin attending right drive driving school in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs and you'll enjoy tracking your progress through both the practical and theoretical aspects of driving.

0Every one of our students has different strengths and weaknesses, and we'll be sure to target improving the areas you struggle with while praising your talent in other areas.

Intensive driving course in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs

If you want to learn to drive in just a in a week right drive driving school in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs is right driving school for you An intensive driving course or a semi-intensive course could be your answer. Intensive courses are proving to be very popular with people who haven’t the time to wait 3 to 4 month before taking their driving test.Intensive course in docklands E14 and Isle of Dogs have to be booked a

least with 2 to 3 weeks notice and a deposit or full payment must be done at the time of booking. We offer different level of intensive courses, depending on your personal experience from someone who has never driven before to someone who’s almost test ready.

You will need to have passed your theory test before the start date of your intensive driving course as it is not possible to book a practical driving test with the DVSA without theory, we can guide you on the best was to pass your theory.

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