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new drivers who has just passed their test

The Pass Plus course is a training course that has been specifically designed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) for new drivers who has just passed their test. Its aim is to give new drivers extra confidence on the roads after passing their driving test and it carries a number of benefits. Not only will it make you a more confident driver, capable of dealing with all kinds of modern hazards such as busy motorways and city centre one-way systems,

it may also give you a significant discount on your motor insurance. No matter where you have taken your original driving lessons - the Pass Plus course will teach you how to deal with a wide range of different roads and traffic situations. The course does not require you to take a test at the end, but will assess your progress throughout.

The Pass Plus Modules

  • Module 1
  • Town Driving

Module 1 is in 2 part, an introduction to the Pass Plus which explains why its useful to new drivers and Town Driving. the module will new drivers to use better observation, judgement and awareness.

It helps with a better understanding of spatial awareness and clearance of... Read more

  • Module 2
  • All-Weather Driving

Module 2 helps with subjects like speed and stopping distances, skidding and importantly how to avoid skidding. it also explains in detail about vision(see and be seen).

The course also helps with better assessment of situations and better decision making.

  • Module 3
  • Out of Town driving & Rural Roads

Module 3 helps further with Observation Skills (middle and far distance). Overtaking and making Progress. Rural Hazards like sharp bends and narrow country lanes. things like reading the road surface, soft verges and hidden kerbs. Passing slow moving traffic.increasing potential for overtaking manoeuvres.

  • Module 4
  • Night Driving

Module 4 helps with a number of aspects, some that most people don't even think about like Parking. Visibility and seeing, reacting safely to hazards which are more difficult to see at night. Continuing with speed and stopping distances and vehicle lighting and use.

  • Module 5
  • Dual Carriageways

Although dual carriageways are touched on before the test, Module 5 goes into greater detail on aspects such as Joining, Turning and leaving. More on forward planning and observation.As well a lot more practice at overtaking at high speed.

  • Module 6
  • Motorways

Module 6 speaks for itself. As you can't drive on motorways before you pass the test it's a good idea to get some practice before tackling these busy roads yourself. Things like breakdowns and safety procedure are covered in this module as well

How much does Pass Plus cost?

Our fee for taking Pass Plus is £150.wever, in light of the importance and success of the Pass Plus course several local authorities are helping pupils with the cost of the course.

Some boroughs, town, city or county councils offer discounts up to 30% full tuition costs. You’ve nothing to lose! So should this be of interest, then I will give full details of schemes in your area on application.

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